Catford Gyrations is the musical alias of Andy Jones, a London based musician who creates instrumental music that absorbs a broad range of influences, and often seeks inspiration from his surrounding local environment.

Prior to Catford Gyrations, Andy had previously been involved in indie pop outfit Kicker, who released a series of singles and LPs between 1999 and 2005. After the band split up, Andy set about finding a new means of creating music at home, and spent much of the following decade getting to grips with the technical know-how required to put his ideas into action.

In 2016, he started work on his debut eponymous LP. The album’s development is being documented on this website, as an ongoing work in progress.

In addition to the continuing work on the LP, Andy contributed to the Linear Obsessional compilation A View from a Hill in December 2017 with the track Bandstand. He also released his debut EP, A205, in January 2020.