Remix for Love, Burns

I recently did a remix for Love, Burns which has just been released on Bandcamp. It's a shame (Catford Gyrations remix) is a reworking of a track from the album It Should Have Been Tomorrow, which came out earlier this year. If you've not heard the LP yet, I'd recommend giving it a listen. It's … Continue reading Remix for Love, Burns

Looping the loop

One of the worst things about home recording is that it's never that easy to gauge whether something you've recorded is actually any good, particularly when you are the only one who has ever listened to it, and have had to do so hundreds of times before you get round to finishing it. That is … Continue reading Looping the loop


Sometimes I get prompted to categorise my music, for which I don't always have an easy answer. If you really want to get your music heard nowadays, then it's pretty essential to pin yourself to a specific genre in order to feed the various algorithms that drive streaming platforms; and it also makes it easier … Continue reading Eros


It feels good to finally get this one done - yet another case of me spending far too much time trying to get the arrangement right, but I do think that this has been worth the wait. Although, at the time of writing, I am presenting this as a rough mix, I shouldn't have to … Continue reading Winslade


I applaud anyone who has managed to stay creative over the last 12 months, as this is something that certainly hasn't been easy for me. It is only recently that I have been able to resume work on the album -  mainly because I wanted to work on other things, but also because I felt … Continue reading Precinct

I’m Going Outside

I hope you are all keeping well. It probably goes without saying that making music hasn't been much of a priority over the last few months. However, I did manage to get round to recording this .... I'm Going Outside was written and recorded over the Easter weekend of 2020, in the midst of the … Continue reading I’m Going Outside

A205 EP

I have a new release out today - A205 EP is available across all major streaming platforms (including Spotify and Apple Music) and is also available as a download via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Links to all streaming & download options can be found here. You can download via Bandcamp as a … Continue reading A205 EP


I've posted a brand new track, Apricity, which is taken from a four track EP that will be released on 3rd January 2020. A205 EP will be a digital only release, available across all major platforms, and also as a "name your price" download via Bandcamp. Apricity was intended to be part of my eponymous … Continue reading Apricity

Nothing without industry

Another slow burner. For months, I had nothing much more than the melodica and bass parts that appear at the beginning of the track. Things only really started to progress when I recorded the sound of traffic in gridlock on my mobile phone, on a drizzly sunday afternoon. I incorporated the recording into the track, … Continue reading Nothing without industry


Catford Gyrations · Parakeets (work in progress) This track started of as a proof of concept. I wanted to do a piece that incorporated parakeet sounds, and it seemed suited to some sort of break beat, once it became apparent that their squawking occupied similar frequencies to that of made by scratching vinyl on a … Continue reading Parakeets