An Introduction

Catford Gyrations, when completed, will become an album of instrumental music, referencing various locations on and around the Catford Gyratory. This website will document the work in progress.

For the uninitiated, the Catford Gyratory is a road layout that forms part of the A205 in South London (better known as the South Circular). This, and the giant fibreglass cat,  are what most people passing through will associate with the area.


Catford may not be the most glamorous part of London, but there is a lot more here than first meets the eye –  a wide variety of cultural activity, coupled with strong community spirit.


The intention is to make each track available to stream, as soon as it is finished. Once, the album is complete, all tracks will be made available to download.

I should stress, that it is likely this going to end up being a “slow burner” project, and I expect it will take a few years to complete. I’m also quite open to collaborating with other like-minded musicians, outside of this particular project.

Lewisham council have recently announced their plans for the redevelopment of Catford town centre, which will involve rerouting the South Circular, and as a result, the Gyratory will be no more. I’m hoping to have things wrapped up before this happens, but the area will be undergoing a period of significant transition over this period, and I intend to reference this in future posts.


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