In sharp contrast to the previous track posted, I have thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this one, including a woodwind  section. There is a strong element of a repetition here , but hopefully enough variation throughout it’s seven minute duration to keep it interesting. The piece concludes with a field recording, captured on a summer evening at the Plassy Road pedestrian crossing.

Admittedly, I am treading on a well trodden path – paying homage to musical heroes from the 1970s and 1990s.  I’m also conscious that the motorik rhythm is probably more ubiquitous than it has ever been, with many contemporary artists keen to appropriate Klaus Dinger’s signature 4/4 beat.

catfirdgyr1 (2)

Okay, so the traffic on the South Circular may not be as free flowing as that of the German autobahn of the 1970s. Occasionally, it may take even longer than the duration of this track to circumnavigate it’s namesake. Bon voyage.

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