A view from a hill

Bandstand was exclusively recorded for a new compilation on Linear Obsessional Recordings, and will not feature on the Catford Gyrations LP. Contributors were asked to provide a two minute piece on the theme of landscape – the result is a 105 track album called A view from a hill, exactly three and half hours in length, all of which is free to download. There is a broad range of styles on offer here, and distinct differences in the ways in which those involved have responded to the rules that were set out.


Bandstand was based around a field recording made while stood under the bandstand at Mountsfield Park on a winter morning. I chose this spot, as it provides a vantage point to much of the landscape that will be referenced on the Catford Gyrations LP. Further afield, but also visible are the Bell Green gasometers, which I later learnt had been spared from redevelopment the previous evening.

This location also happens to be situated directly under a flight path, but despite the roaring jet planes, I still managed to capture some birdsong and barking dogs on the recording.


I wanted to add some instrumentation, but was mindful not to do anything too overbearing. After a few trials, I settled with some twangy guitar and a bit of Farfisa organ. I’ve also added a bit of a woodwind at the end of the piece, as a slight nod to the original purpose of  this location.

I enjoyed working on this track – it certainly was a challenge to complete a piece of music within a few days (rather than months or years), but was also a refreshing break from working on the album. A special thanks to David Little (aka Smallhaus), a local musician who compiled the album.

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