It feels good to finally get this one done – yet another case of me spending far too much time trying to get the arrangement right, but I do think that this has been worth the wait. Although, at the time of writing, I am presenting this as a rough mix, I shouldn’t have to make too many tweaks to this before I settle on the final version.

You may notice that Winslade has a definite seventies library music vibe to it – I’m not going to hide the fact that it heavily channels the likes of Jean Jacques Perry, Alan Hawkshaw, Paddy Kingsland, Claude Denjean etc. I guess that the ageing 90s throwback in me still can’t resist those charity shop rocking beats.

To be “brutally” honest, I set about on the early version of this track with ambitions of ripping off Roy Budd’s Get Carter OST (although this is probably not so obvious from the end result). This was intended to provide some sort of tenuous link to the fact that Catford Shopping Centre (i.e. Winslade Way) was designed by the same architect responsible for the Gateshead multi-storey car park that appeared in that particular film. Yeah, I did say it was tenuous.

This is the sixth track recorded for the LP, which means I have now clocked up almost 25 minutes of music. I have four more lined up, and have already made a start on recording these. So, it does feel like I’m actually making some progress, after what has been a rather length period of stagnation. I’m also toying with the idea of preceding the LP with some sort of single or EP release, but only if it doesn’t massively delay things (A205 took 18 months to put together), so perhaps afterwards instead? Either way, I hope it won’t be much longer before I can post something on track 7.

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