I applaud anyone who has managed to stay creative over the last 12 months, as this is something that certainly hasn’t been easy for me. It is only recently that I have been able to resume work on the album –  mainly because I wanted to work on other things, but also because I felt I had come to a bit of impasse with this particular project, and it made sense to take a break until I came up with some fresh ideas. Now, after a two an a half years hiatus, I am finally in a position to post a rough mix of Precinct, which will be the fifth track on the LP.

When I started work on the album, it was the intention to have a series of short pieces dotted throughout the album which shared musical phrases, the first of these being the opening track, The Island. Precinct is the next in this sequence – it is effectively part remix, part reworking of the opening track, and revisits what I originally set out to achieve when I started working on The Island, before it was stripped down to it’s bare bones. The coda previews elements from what will probably become track 9 (although that might well change).

One of the advantages of having such a long pause on working on the album is it has allowed me to take stock of what I have done so far, and also provided the opportunity to learn how do things a bit better. Although Precinct in it’s current state is a rough mix, I think it already is an improvement on the final mixes I did for my first EP, and should not require much further effort to reach the finished version. Also, listening back to the first four tracks of the LP there are clearly a lot of elements that need fixing, but I now feel in a better position to identify and address these issues.

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