Looping the loop

One of the worst things about home recording is that it’s never that easy to gauge whether something you’ve recorded is actually any good, particularly when you are the only one who has ever listened to it, and have had to do so hundreds of times before you get round to finishing it. That is certainly the case here, and not helped by the imposter syndrome tendencies that arise whenever I stray into the realms of electronica. It is quite possible that the version of this track that ends up on the LP may incorporate a few adjustments.

Yes, it’s another track with absolutely no guitars on it. At this point, I am seriously considering recording an EP of lengthy stoner rock dirges, once the LP is finished. I certainly feel the need to showboat some of the pedals that I bought during lockdown.

However, another lockdown impulse purchase does feature on Looping the loop. I thought that buying a Zoom Handyrecorder might be help gathering field recordings for the album, rather than just relying on my mobile phone. I was wrong, have hardly used it, and only recently took it “outside” for the first time, the fruits of which can be heard here (yes, I sat on platform 1 of Catford Station).

So, the end result is basically a pound shop Trans-Europe Express where, instead of meeting Iggy Pop and David Bowie in Dusseldorf, you are stuck in a abstract pandemic stress dream that takes in the worst elements of your morning commute. Well, that’s certainly what I was aiming for here. Only two more tracks to go!

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