Remix for Love, Burns

I recently did a remix for Love, Burns which has just been released on Bandcamp. It’s a shame (Catford Gyrations remix) is a reworking of a track from the album It Should Have Been Tomorrow, which came out earlier this year. If you’ve not heard the LP yet, I’d recommend giving it a listen. It’s a solid collection of songs that pays homage to the indie pop of the past, albeit with a contemporary twist.

Love, Burns is the solo project of Phil Sutton, who I have known for many years, and we had previously played together in turn-of-the-millennium indie pop outfit Kicker. He had managed to persuade former band mates Ben and Laura to play on the LP, and thought it would be fun to get me involved in some sort of capacity too. This Bandcamp single also includes a previously unreleased version of What to do about us? which features Ben on guitar.

This happens to be my first ever attempt at doing a remix for someone else, and it wasn’t easy. It took a bit of work to get the hang of mixing vocals and warping stems in Ableton. After a few false starts to find an arrangement that was actually going to work, I eventually managed to come up with something that I was happy with. I was aiming to get a balance between keeping the original song structure intact, whilst adding something of my own.

The single can be purchased from the Love, Burns Bandcamp page, where you can also buy the aforementioned LP, as well as other releases.

My next focus will be to finish my own LP. I have a couple of tracks left to finish, but also need to go back and fix some snags with the earlier tracks. Hopefully, this should be ready for release at some point during 2023.

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