The Dark Outside

I have recorded a new composition especially for The Dark Outside’s 10th Anniversary Broadcast. The Dark Outside is a site specific 24 hour long radio station that plays “sounds and music that you have never heard before in a place where nobody might hear it”. Normally, this happens to take place via an FM transmitter placed in the Galloway Forest, Scotland. On this occasion, the broadcast will be streamed online from midday on Saturday 1st October via Further In.

As you can imagine, this is just the sort of willfully obtuse arts project that I like to get involved in. In fact, I’ve been meaning to contribute something for some time but have been unable to get my act together for past transmissions.

In an uncharacteristic spurt of productivity, Not the result we wanted, but we go again on Saturday was written, recorded and mixed over the space of a couple of weekends earlier this month. It’s fair to say, it’s a throwaway instrumental , in a similar vein to I’m going outside or Bandstand. It’s just over 3 minutes long and features a drum machine, tremolo guitar, bass guitar, ondioline, glockenspiel, and some random synth pad preset that I found on Ableton. The song tempo is 84 BPM.

I’m afraid that you are going to have to make do with the above description, as it is unlikely that you will get to hear this even if you do happen to tune in. I’ve no idea at what point the track might be broadcast, or if indeed it will actually be aired at all (but hey, why not tune in anyway?) , and I have no current plans to release this to a wider audience.

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